Every summer starting in May, Night Markets open up all over Metro Vancouver. They’re only open on the weekends in the evenings, usually starting around 6 or 7pm. They have a lot of cool things to see and buy and each one has live performances by local artists to entertain you while you eat and wander around the market! They’re great things to viwith your friends one night on the weekend! They’re usually open May until October, but each market is different. Why not check them out?


Panda Market
Entrance fee: $0
Things to buy: toys, bags, clothes, accessories, electronics, handmade crafts, large variety of food
How to get there: Bus or drive
Open April 29 – September 11 2016
Friday and Saturday 7pm to 12am and Sunday 7pm to 11pm

Richmond Night Market
Entrance fee: $3.25
Things to buy: toys, bags, clothes, accessories, phone accessories, large variety of food.
There is also a little carnival where you can play games to win prizes!
How to get there: It’s outside Bridgeport Station on the Canada Line.
Open May 13 – October 10 2016
Friday and Saturday 7pm to 12am and Sunday 7pm to 11pm

North Vancouver

Shipyards Night Market
Entrance fee: $0
Things to buy: handmade crafts, soaps, jewelry, clothes, art – it is like a farmers market.
It will be more expensive than the other markets. There will also be food from food trucks and a beer garden.
How to get there: Bus or SeaBus – it is close to the North Van SeaBus terminal
Open May 6 -September 30 2016
Only Fridays 5pm to 10pm


Surrey Night Market
Entrance Fee: $2
Things to buy: handmade crafts, clothes, jewelry, toys, phone accessories, foods from all over the world.
Also a beer garden and wine tasting booth and food from food trucks as well as food vendors.
How to get there: Bus or drive
Open June 3 – Aug 14 2016
Friday and Saturday 6pm to 11pm and Sunday 5pm to 10pm

Check out their websites for more information, including addresses!





Brazilian Festival on June 10th!

Get ready to dance and have a good time at the inlingua Brazilian Festival!

Don’t forget to wear plaid and your dancing shoes! Tickets are only $5!

Buy your tickets now at the reception as they always sell out!


Lots of people smoke cigarettes. Its common to smoke or know someone who smokes. However, in Vancouver, there are many restrictions on smoking.


For example:

  • You cannot smoke inside any building, including restaurants
  • You cannot smoke in a vehicle unless it is yours.
  • You cannot smoke in public parks or on beaches.
  • You cannot smoke within 7m of doors or vents.
  • You cannot smoke in public areas close to lots of other people, like bus stops.

These restrictions are to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke as well as reduce garbage around the city. In the summer, Vancouver can get very dry, so these restrictions can also help prevent fires.

Canadians have stopped smoking cigarettes in the site recent decades because we now know that smoking can make you very sick so it’s difficult for smokers to smoke around the city. Canadians who don’t smoke think it smells gross and leaves garbage everywhere.

While the restrictions can seem harsh, I think it makes Vancouver a nicer place to live.


Inlingua Vancouver - Activities Calendar - June 2016Summer is starting! This month looks like it’s going to be a fun one with lots of different activities here at inlingua Vancouver!

We’ve got a Brazilian June Festival on June 10th. Tickets will be $5 at the reception!

Every Sunday we’ve got sightseeing/shopping trips to Seattle for $60! We’ve also got a few trips to Vancouver Island this month. If you want to do any trips with us, see the reception desk as soon as possible!

There’s also a few festivals around Vancouver this month with the Italian Day on June 12th, Car Free Day on June 19th and Greek Day on June 26th!

There’s lots of fun things to do, so check out the activities calendar for more! As always, if you’re interested, visit the reception to pay/register as soon as you can! Space fills up fast!


There are a few things that Canada takes very seriously, and does very well. One of the things I noticed upon moving to Vancouver is that Canada loves beer. When I was first introduced to the topic of breweries, I didn’t understand what that meant for me, as a beer drinker. But oh, was I excited when I did! A brewery is a place they brew (make) beer, seems straightforward, right? It gets better! In many breweries in Canada they have what is called a ‘tasting room’. You can go to a brewery and try the beer! You can get four small tasters (called a ‘flight’) or you can go big and get a pint straight away. You can spend all night in a brewery just like you would in a pub, and best of all… you can take beer home with you! That’s right, you don’t have to buy your beer at expensive liquor stores, you can go to a brewery and buy a ‘growler’ (2 liters, around $12-16) a ‘howler’ (1 liter, $6-10) or even a little ‘meowler’ (0.5 liters, prices vary) to take home with you. The next time you visit any brewery you can take the clean, empty glass bottle you bought the first time and get it filled up for a few bucks cheaper.

craft beer in pint glasses

Breweries in Vancouver aren’t allowed to serve food, but many of them have snacks and often a food truck that stops by-you can buy food elsewhere and take it in with you, no problems! Remember to take I.D just like you would at a bar.

On Thursday June 2nd, for $10, you can join us on a Granville Island Brewery Tour! If you’re interested, see the reception! Must be 19+. 

If you can’t join us, check out these other breweries!

Top Breweries in Vancouver

Strangefellows is one of the newer breweries in Vancouver, with a friendly staff and fantastic atmosphere. Top beer choice: Talisman Pale Ale.

Location: 1345 Clark Drive
Open: Mon-Thurs 3 to 11 p.m. Fri-Sun Noon to 11 p.m.

33 Acres is a modern look brewery with a great selection and an excellent food truck rotation. Highly recommend 33 Acres of Ocean and 33 Acres of Sunshine.

Location: 15 West 8th Avenue
Open: 11 a.m.  to 11 p.m. daily

Brassneck Brewery is always bustling over on Main Street with a rustic wooden theme and a great line in pepperoni and jerky to snack on while you’re sampling from their wide selection of beers.

Location: 2148 Main Street
Open: Mon-Fri 2 p.m. to 11 p.m., Sat & Sun Noon to 11 p.m.

Parallel 49 was one of the first breweries in Vancouver and has a huge selection of beers on tap as well as a large bottled selection. A must-visit for beer enthusiasts.

Location: 1950 Triumph Street
Open: Noon to 11 p.m. daily

Honourable mention to Four Winds Brewing, widely considered to have the best beer in metro Vancouver, it’s a bit of a trip to get there but if beer is one of your favourite things it is definitely worth the journey out to Delta!

Location4-7355 72nd Street, Delta
OpenMonday to Saturday Noon to 6 p.m., Sunday Noon to 5 p.m.


victoriaWhat better way to spend Victoria Day than by taking a trip to the city named after the Queen herself? Victoria Day, sometimes referred to as May Long, or May two-four (important note, a two-four is also Canadian slang for a twenty four pack of beer) is Canada’s oldest state holiday and marks the unofficial start of summer for Canadians.

Victoria is a hop, skip and a jump from Vancouver, just over the Strait of Georgia, an easy trip by public transit or, alternatively, you could rent a car and drive with friends (make sure to reserve a space for your car on the ferry).

Famous for its historic sites and fabulous architecture, Victoria is known as ‘The Garden City’, whether you’re interested in Killer_Whale_near_Victoria_BCwhale watching, shopping, or just walking around the beautiful sea front, there’s no shortage of things to do in and around the city center. Take a trip to one of the many beaches and spend a day in the sun admiring the gorgeous views. Spend the evening indulging in a delicious meal followed by some awesome craft beer and relax in one of the many airbnbs that offer affordable and comfortable accommodation.

A trip to Victoria is a must-do for anyone staying in Vancouver, so gather your friends and get packing!


2016-Cloverdale-Rodeo-Poster_March1This weekend there is a huge Rodeo and Fair in Surrey!

What is a Rodeo you ask? Well, it’s a competition where people ride horses and bulls to show off their cowboy skills! It’s a great opportunity to see the life of a cowboy! The Rodeo is held in Cloverdale, which is a bit far from Vancouver, but it’s totally worth it! This kind of event only happens once a year!

Events at the Rodeo include: Bareback riding, bull riding and barrel racing. Bareback riding is where people ride horses without saddles. They have to show how well they can ride a horse without a saddle. Bull riding is where a bull(male cow) tries to throw off contestants and they must stay on for as long as they can. Barrel racing is where a person must guide their horse around barrels as fast as they can. The fastest person wins! These competitions will remind you of wild west movies!

Even if you can’t go see the Rodeo events you can still have fun! There is a Fair where you can eat greasy food from food carts, ride things like the ferris wheel, and win prizes by playing games! It’s like a small amusement park set up for one weekend! There will also be events like free concerts, a Lumberjack show, pig races, and a fine art show! There’s also lots of vendors so you can buy cool things.

To get there, take the skytrain to Surrey Central. The 320 bus will take you to the Cloverdale Fairgrounds at 64Ave and 176st in Surrey. There will be special busses running all weekend to make it easy to get there!

Check out the website for more information about the rodeo. Here’s information about the events and the Country Fair!

Go have fun!


Welcome to Vancouver! I hope you brought an umbrella! 15584152085_57ea5de245_b

While Canada is known for its long, cold winters and lots of snow, Vancouver is not. We do not get a lot of snow, unless you are on top of a mountain. However, it does rain. A lot. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, an umbrella or rain coat is a very important thing to have! Here are some things to expect of the weather when you come to Vancouver.

Be sure to have a rain coat and good shoes for when it rains. If you don’t, you will get very wet! Even in the summer, people in Vancouver are known to carry an umbrella, just in case.

When it rains, it rains a lot. It is common for it to rain all day in Vancouver. Sometimes, it rains for a week. Even if you come to Vancouver in the summer time, expect rain.

It rains the most in the Fall and Winter. From October to January, expect around 15 or more days of rain per month. In Summer, from May to September, it is good to expect at least 5 days of rain per month. This can be depressing, but there are a lot of things to do around Vancouver even in the rain!

If you plan on doing outdoor activities like hiking when it has been raining a lot, make sure to find out where you are going is open. Sometimes mountain trails close because of rain. If they are still open, be sure to wear boots to protect your feet from mud.

Because it rains a lot, Vancouver does not get as cold as the rest of Canada. Usually, in Winter, the temperature does not go below 0ºC, but it is still important to have a scarf, or gloves. A warm coat is still important for Vancouver winters. In the Summer, it is usually around 20ºC, but sometimes it goes up to 25-28ºC. Perfect weather for sandals and shorts!

5438110187_73b6049c27_b Right now in May, expect rain as well as sunshine. It is starting to warm up, but it is still important to have a coat. It is starting to rain less, but there may be more rain than you expect so it is a good idea to see what the weather will be like online.

While it may be sad to see only clouds, remember: the beautiful forests and mountains around Vancouver would not be as beautiful without all the rain.

We know you will enjoy your time in Vancouver even if the weather is wet!


Welcome to May!Inlingua Vancouver - Activities Calendar - May 2016

The weather is starting to get warmer and we are excited for outdoor activities! This month brings our first BBQ of the season as well as many outdoor sports! Join us for soccer, and beach volleyball! These free activities are a great way to get exercise and to socialize with other students.

We also have many travel opportunities this month. Whale watching is an amazing way to see the beautiful coast of Vancouver and to see whales up close! We also have our Rocky Mountain tour or a trip to Whistler for those people who would rather get closer to our beautiful mountains.

If you want to participate these activities, be sure to register early! Space fills up pretty quickly.

Take a look at our May Activities Calendar for more!


Free ice skating at Robson Square Ice Rink

Our students  ice skating at Robson Square Ice Rink.

Drinking hot chocolate, eating Christmas cookies and watching Netflix are great ways to keep warm during the winter however keeping active during the cold winter months is always better for one’s overall health.  Compared to other provinces in Canada, Vancouver’s winter months are pretty mild   so  you will find a lot of people out and about.

There are many outdoor activities to enjoy for every fitness level.   Skiing, snowboarding and snow shoeing  at one of the three local mountains, jogging around the sea wall, hiking  and even playing golf.  For those on a budget, I am happy to say that there are many free activities and events for you to enjoy– a favorite being ice skating.   Ice skating is a great winter activity that is  enjoyed by all age groups.  We   especially   look forward to ice skating at Robson Square Ice Rink which runs from  the beginning of December to the end of February.  Admission is FREE however if you do not have your own ice skates you can rent a pair for $4.IMG_6991

For many walking on ice  sounds challenging enough but be opened minded and take  risks.  You will never know unless you try.   Stop imagining yourself ice skating in the heart  of downtown Vancouver and come out and join us at Robson Square Ice Rink.

Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying this beautiful city. Get out there and be active:)