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BC Education Quality Assurance
We are pleased to confirm the renewal of our provincial Education Quality Assurance (EQA) Designation for the current year. Therefore, inlingua Vancouver is recognized as a BC EQA-Designated school and included in the official Registry of EQA Institutions that is sent by the Ministry each month to Citizenship and Immigration Canada officers and international Consular General Offices/Embassies.

EQA is a quality assurance designation that identifies BC public and private post-secondary institutions that have met or exceeded provincial government recognized quality assurance standards and offer consumer protection. Read more about EQA here: www.bceqa.ca/about

We will continue doing our part to ensure that the quality of education in Canada for international English students remains excellent.


Gastown Grand Prix Logo

The Gastown Grand Prix criterium is going to be  on July 9th this summer. Over 200 athletes will be racing on the cobblestones of Gastown as they try and break away from each other to win the biggest prize. As this is a free public event, it requires a small army of volunteers to survive.

Former inlingua Vancouver students volunteered for this event in the past years. If you are interested, apply online www.globalrelayggp.org/get-involved/volunteer or contact your counselor for assistance.

Every volunteer will get a t-shirt, an invitation to the volunteers dinner where they will be giving out a bunch of prizes and a certificate of achievement documenting their experience. The volunteer shifts are 4 hours. There are different volunteer options to choose from, that will require interacting with other English speakers.

Click here to download the event poster.

You can show up in Gastown to watch the Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix even if you don’t want to volunteer. This is a free event open to the public.

Click here to see the route information and where to watch the event.

Photograph by Jennifer Gauthier / Metro News

Gastown Race Route

Gastown Race Route



inlingua Vancouver SUmmer Camp 2014

Our summer camp will take place at the Cheakamus Centre, near Squamish, BC, between Vancouver and Whistler. Click here to download the full 2014 Summer Camp information and schedule.


Age: 13 to 17 years old at the time of the camp.
Nationalities: The camp is open to students of all nationalities.
Registration deadline: June 30th, 2014. Last minute registrations will be accepted subject to availability.
Deposit: In order to confirm participation in the summer camp, we require a deposit of CAD 400 per participant.
• Full payment must be received by July 15th, 2014.
• Refunds and cancellations will be processed based on our school refund policy.
Dates: August 11 – 24, 2014
Price: The total price per student is CAD 3400 including tax.


• Return transportation, transfers to and from camp, round trip Rockies tours, and day transfers as outlined in the calendar of events in a mini coach or school bus
• Club ESL guides
• inlingua Vancouver academic and administrative staff to teach and help coordinate each activity
• Tour along the Sea to Sky Highway including a visit to Shannon Falls
• Overnight accommodation at Camp Cheakamus
• Linen bag to go (sheets, comforter, mattress pad, pillow and towels)
• Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner (except arrival/departure days)
• Hot chocolate & marshmallows before bedtime during camp nights
• Use of the conference space for meals and classroom sessions
• All organized program as outlined in the calendar of events as being included
• Use of the following facilities:
  – Sports field (includes volleyball court and some sports equipment)
  – Basketball court
  – Campfire shelter
  – Canoes and canoe pond
  – Challenge course
  – Nature trails and caves
• 3.5 day Rockies tour included, visit famous landmarks and sites along the way including the Okanagan Valley, the famous Moraine Lake and Lake Louise, the town of Banff and so much more!
• One day sightseeing tour to Whistler with optional activities
• Half day trip to the town of Squamish including the Britannia Mine Museum – try your hand at panning for Gold!
• Welcome and Closing Ceremonies

Contact us for more information!



English Courses from 2 to 52 weeks with different level of intensity. At inlingua Vancouver there are 10 levels, from Beginner to Advanced. You will speak English from your first lesson and you will improve all your skills in any short or long course. New levels begin every 4 weeks. Intakes are every Monday.

  • Level 1A – Beginner (English 1, step 1)
  • Level 1B – Beginner (English 1, step 2)
  • Level 2A – Intermediate (English 2, step 1)
  • Level 2B – Intermediate (English 2, step 2)
  • Level 3A – Upper Intermediate (English 3, step 1)
  • Level 3B – Upper Intermediate (English 3, step 2)
  • Level 4A – Advanced
  • Level 4B – Advanced
  • Level 5A – Advanced +
  • Level 5B – Advanced +



We also offer full-time specialized English courses. Some students need to prepare for official English language tests and courses to enter university or advance their career. inlingua Vancouver offers test preparation courses for some of the major official tests. The average group size is 10 to 12 students. The maximum number per class is 15. Lessons are from 9 AM to 2:30 PM from Monday to Thursday, and from 9 AM to 12 PM on Friday.
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The UPC will allow you to learn English and acquire all the necessary skills to be accepted and succeed in a university or college. You will work hard on the 4 integrated skills: speaking , listening, reading and writing. You will learn Academic English skills (lecture comprehension, note-taking, research, academic discussions, academic vocabulary. You will get ready for academic success in university / college. This is a 12-week program. You need to reach the advanced level before starting the UPC University Preparation Course (you need to complete one of the following courses: Level 4B, IELTS 6.5, TOEFL, CAMBRIDGE CAE).

IELTS ADVANCED (Target 6.5 or higher)
Take the IELTS ADVANCED Academic Preparation Course and get the score you need. The complete course lasts 12 weeks and the official IELTS examination is taken at the end. It is a full time program for very serious students. Start dates every 4 weeks, on major intake dates. Students must place at level 3B – Upper Intermediate or above on the inlingua general Placement test or take ESL lessons first according to their level. After reaching the minimum level of 3B students will be accepted in the IELTS ADVANCED – Academic Preparation course.

IELTS INTERMEDIATE (Target 5.0 or higher)
Take the IELTS INTERMEDIATE Academic Preparation Course and learn the skills needed in the IELTS test. Focus on writing, reading and grammar skills. It is a full time program for students who later want to take the IELTS ADVANCED course. Start dates every 4 weeks, on major intake dates. Students must place at level 2B – Intermediate or above on the inlingua general Placement test or take ESL lessons first according to their level. After reaching the minimum level of 2B students will be accepted in the IELTS INTERMEDIATE – Academic Preparation course.

TOEFL iBT preparation course
Are you interested in improving your English? Do you want to advance your career? Take this 12-week course that will prepare you for the TOEFL iBT exam. In the course you will practice the integrated skills and take sample tests in the computer lab. The course covers all the skills: Academic Writing, Speaking, Reading and Listening. inlingua Vancouver is an official TOEFL iBT testing centre. This is a 12-week program that you can take also in 4-week modules.

CAMBRIDGE FCE preparation course
Cambridge First Certificate in English is a preparation course in the Upper Intermediate level. It is the most popular certificate of English in Europe and is widely accepted in both the business and academic world to demonstrate language proficiency. To be successful, you should possess a wide range of vocabulary, and be able to construct an argument and use appropriate communication styles in a variety of situations. This is a 10/13-week program that includes the real exam at the end.

CAMBRIDGE CAE preparation course
Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English is a preparation course in the Advance level. Choose CAE if you want to reach a level of English that is adequate for most purposes, including social and professional situations, and in higher education. CAE recognizes the ability to communicate with confidence in English and deal with most aspects of everyday life. It is accepted by many Canadian universities. This is a 10/13-week program that includes the real exam
at the end.

Get a job for your internship program in Vancouver, expand your skills, move up the corporate ladder, change careers or just improve your English – You will understand the world of business and acquire the skills required in the global market. For levels 3B and higher. Materials: inlingua APP books, Market Leader books and inlingua business module books. Start dates every 4 weeks, on major intake dates. This program can be taken for 4, or 8 weeks. Topics include: Resume writing, Job Interviews, Human Resources, Tourism, Presentations, Meetings, Cultural Relations and Marketing.
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Speaking & Listening
This class has a strong focus on speaking using various topics and materials that engage students in discussion, stating opinions, agreeing & disagreeing and describing, using task vocabulary related to the topic. Topics will be presented through different listening resources such as TV shows, films, internet and/or audio CD’s. Students will work on developing active listening skills and how to start, continue and end a conversation.

Developing Writing Skills
Writing in English is just as important as being able to speak in English. Students who need to improve their writing skills will practice many different aspects of writing in this class. From sentence structure to paragraphs to short essays, students will learn about the proper structure of both informal and formal writing. This is an excellent class to take if students are later interested in studying any of the exam courses – IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge FCE or CAE – Business English or the UPC course.

Brush Up
This class is for students who have a reasonable knowledge of English, but who need to review selected basic structures. The course provides concise review of essential language from Level 1A-2A of inlingua’s general and professional programs. A strong grammar focus is included in the course using various themes and topics in which to apply different grammar tenses and refreshing such functional skills as meeting people, planning a trip, making arrangements, predictions and decision-making.

Amazing Listening
This class is about putting your skills to the test. This class uses music, videos, TV shows and other realia to challenge student’s listening abilities and stimulate conversation. The class helps students cope with real life situations where they will not get more than two or three chances to listen and understand. Over the term, the pace of speech students listen to will increase as the listening materials begin to increase in difficulty.

Slang & Idioms
Expressions used in spoken English can sometimes have a very different meaning from what it seems. However, they are used every day in informal and casual situations. Understanding and knowing when to use them will help students sound more like native speakers. Idioms are a very important part of the English language, especially in social settings. This class covers both slang and idioms that are useful when communicating with English speakers and help to understand movies, television shows and music. You will learn and use new idioms and slang in conversations and discussions.

Grammar Plus
This course teaches / refreshes basic English skills. Learners with basic knowledge in English are able to learn / review basic grammatical structures and basic vocabulary. These areas have often become passive and can be activated and practiced in this class. Do a lot of practice exercises plus use the new grammar to speak about interesting and exciting things. Join this class if you want to speak English correctly and fluently.

Discussions & Debates
Interested in what’s happening in the world today? Do you follow the news, read the newspaper, check the internet for the latest stories in your country and around the world? This class focuses on using current event topics to engage students in discussions and debates. Students will learn new vocabulary related to the topics and be able to practice different ways of expressing their thoughts, ideas, opinions as well as agreeing or disagreeing. This class provides the next step in communication skills and is an excellent class to take if students wish to take any of the exam courses – IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge FCE or CAE – Business English or the UPC course.
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Academic Reading & Writing I
This course is designed to give students the skills they require to express themselves formally and prepare for future academic studies, work in Canada or life abroad. Students learn to skim materials, increase their active vocabulary and improve their comprehension of written materials. The course also provides students with the tools to move from simple sentence structure to forming paragraphs. Students are introduced to literature from a variety of sources including magazines, editorials, internet, textbooks and short stories. Students also have opportunities to engage in discussions and experiment with new vocabulary and express themselves orally as

Do you want to sound like a native? This class will correct your pronunciation of both vowels and consonants in English, and also teach you the rhythm and stress in words and sentences. Students will learn basic rhythm rules, weak sounds, linking, special intonation, and the proper use of contractions. Classes include reading out loud to isolate and practice problem sounds.

Fluency & Accuracy I
Students will improve their communication and language skills through discussions, relative vocabulary building, consistent error correction and literature. This is achieved through an extensive amount of group and pair work in which students are encouraged to share their opinions and expand their vocabulary. It includes grammar practice and targets all of the common problems students face when trying to communicate effectively. Students also do listening exercises where they will be put in groups to answer questions, learn new vocabulary and problem solve. Students are often expected to do the short readings or written assignments for homework.

Academic English I
A challenging course that is designed to improve your reading comprehension and academic writing skills. There is a strong focus on vocabulary and structure through reading / writing tests taken from a variety of sources including SAT, TOEFL and IELTS. The students are provided with the necessary skill sets to undertake challenging readings and express complex ideas in writing and speaking. This course is ideal for anyone taking a standardized test, planning to live or work in Canada, or for those planning to pursue post-secondary education in an English-speaking University or College.

Academic Reading & Writing II
This course is designed to give students the skills they require to express themselves formally and prepare for future academic studies, work in Canada or life abroad. Students learn to skim materials, increase their active vocabulary and improve their comprehension of written materials. The course also provides students with the tools to move from simple sentence structure to forming paragraphs. Students are introduced to literature from a variety of sources including magazines, editorials, internet, textbooks and short stories. Students also have opportunities to engage in discussions based on the chosen literature which allows them to experiment with new

Fluency & Accuracy II
A continuation of Fluency & Accuracy I, this class provides students at the advanced levels with the opportunity to take their communication abilities to the highest level. Focusing on current, “in-the-now” topics such as world news, politics, future innovations and more, students will learn new vocabulary, complex grammar structures and proficient communication skills using materials such as magazine articles, newspapers and internet news videos.
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Speaking & Listening
Students will focus more specifically on speaking and listening skills as well as incorporate new vocabulary. They will build their communication skills for the real-world through a variety of exercises including free-style discussion, guided discussions, error correction, sentence structure, and using vocabulary in context. Students will also further develop their listening skills through the use of recordings, videos, songs, and movies.

English for Work
This program is for all students in our study and work programs – DIY, CWE, CDP, CPP, SIP. It covers very well the customer service industry. Topics covered in class: Resume Writing, Interview skills, Dealing with customer complaints, Role plays, How to offer extra service to customers and make more tips, Make small talk, Offer information regarding products/ingredients, Make recommendations, Introduction to fair labour practices and employee rights. The instructor will also provide tips about Vancouver’s employment opportunities.

Reading & Writing
This course is designed to give students the skills they require to express themselves formally and prepare for future academic studies, work in Canada or life abroad. Students learn to skim materials, increase their active vocabulary and improve their comprehension of written materials. The course also provides students with the tools to move from simple sentence structure to forming paragraphs. Students are introduced to literature from a variety of sources and engage in discussions.

Academic English
This course has been designed for high intermediate to advanced students who are hoping to become more fluent and comfortable speaking about current issues in English. The primary focus is on vocabulary, short readings and discussions. Through web-based media, newspapers and television, students will improve both their reading comprehension skills as well as their oral communications skills in an interactive environment.

Semi Private Lessons
In small groups of 2 to 6 students, students review grammar and vocabulary that they have already been introduced to and some new ideas. These lessons contain a specific topic or focus as well as specific vocabulary and grammar structures but are not as structured as the inlingua morning lessons. Various materials and approaches are used to promote participation and improvement. These lessons provide a more relaxed environment and students can receive more attention from the teacher.

inlingua Online Learning – iOL
iOL – inlingua Online Learning is a flexible system that complements inlingua regular lessons. Students can use the system at their own pace and contact the online teacher for support. It includes a wide range of grammar, reading and listening exercises. Students can check their answers automatically. Students can use inlingua online Learning software from any computer, tablet or smart phone at any time.
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Ponta Negra at night

Hi everyone!  So I know it has been a long time since my last post, but I have been very busy travelling from one city to another here in Brazil.

The second part of my trip was in the north of Brazil.  I took a plane from Sao Paulo to Natal, a small city in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.  Natal was incredible.  I stayed on Ponta Negra beach, as you can see above, a small community on the beach that contained a variety of excellent restaurants and tourist attractions.  I spent my week there doing a lot of exciting things.  In my first few days I took a dune buggy, a small car that is similar to an ATV or four wheeler, and drove around and through 4-5 different beaches in the north.  The beaches were clean and the water was crystal clear.  On the tour, I went ziplining, water sliding, and even got to ride a camel!  Later in the week, my friends and I went to Praia de Pipa or, in English, Pipa´s beach where we swam in a place called Dolphin´s Bay which had live dolphins surrounding us in the water!  At night, I spent my time in various restaurants and bars, and one bar I went to was located in a small castle!  The experience in Natal was incredible and I highly recommend the city to anyone visiting the north of Brazil.

Photo: Carnival!!!!

Barra Parade from Camarote Oceania


After leaving Natal, my friends and I took the bus down to Salvador to experience the best party I have ever been to in my entire life.  Carnival was unbelievable from start to finish.  I spent an entire week day and night partying in the street and camarotes.  For those of you who don´t know, the camarotes are private areas located in buildings surrounding the street parade and have their own private areas with free food and drinks.  The experience is something you can only imagine until you go to Carnival in Salvador and I was not disappointed. In addition to the Carnival, I took a city tour of Salvador and visited two islands off the coast of the city.  One of the islands, Morro de Sao Paulo, is very famous and is a quiet, relaxed and beautiful place.  Salvador is a city with a lot of history and, at different times, was occupied by several different countries including Portugal and Spain.  The architecture and culture within the city is old and unique.

Overall, my experiences in both Natal and Salvador were truly amazing.  I got to see a variety of beautiful beaches and speed through sand dunes on the back of a buggy.  I had the opportunity to swim with dolphins and take a boat tour to islands I never dreamed of visiting.  I experienced the best party in the world and got to immerse myself in the music of the most famous of Brazilian artists and musicians, such as Ivete Songala and Daniela Mercury.  The stories I have and the people I met I will never forget.

I will talk to you all very soon, TEM CERTEZA.  Until then, look forward to my next post!  Tchau!



Happy spring! We’re excited about going out to play!

Soccer and beach volleyball are back on the calendar this month. Pick your favorite activities with your friends and classmates from among many options including sightseeing, shopping, museums, and outdoor activities.

There is no activity scheduled for April 10th because you will need extra time to study English for the final exams. The school is closed on April 18th (Good Friday), but there is a trip to the Rocky Mountains that you can join. Contact the Activities Coordinator for more information.

April 2014 ESL Activities - inlingua Vanouver


TD International Jazz Festival

Are you interested in volunteering for the TD International Jazz Festival?

This jazz music festival runs from June 20th until July 1st. There is a minimum of 20 hours to volunteer, and if the volunteers reach 32 hours, they will receive 2 free concert tickets of their choice along with other great perks of volunteering for the Jazz Festival. Seats are limited.

When a volunteer recruits at least 3 volunteers who can also volunteer for a minimum of 20 hours, the volunteer referring will be given bonus volunteer hours to bump them to the next volunteer hour tier of 32 hours.

They are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Staging
  • Front of House
  • Drums (Transport / Set up / Strike)
  • Artist Hospitality
  • Fundraising
  • Volunteer Office (Package distribution)
  • Outdoor Jazz Weekend
  • Bistro
  • Banner

Visit their website for more information and make sure to read the Terms and Conditions before applying. To register online go to www.coastaljazz.ca and check the box where it says “Yes! I agree to the terms and conditions“. Then you will be redirected to the online application form.

Good luck!




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A classroom is a great place to improve all of your language skills. But you have to use English outside the classroom in our activities if you want to learn to Speak English Now!

Our Activities take place every day after school. Our students play sports, watch movies, visit the beach, watch hockey games, go rollerblading, visit a museum, go skiing or snowboarding, go white-water rafting or just relax in a cafe. We also have free movies on large-screen television.

Our Activities Coordinator and teachers take part in all of our activities. This gives our students the chance to practice their English with a native speaker outside of the classroom.

Never a dull moment! Check out the activities for this month: