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english school esl student activities vancouver canada july 2015 calendarGet ready to see awesome firework shows on Canada Day (July 1st) and during Celebration of Light festival (on July 25, 29 and Aug 1). You might want to bring a picnic blanket and some snacks with you, as the shows will be very crowded and going there early to find a good spot might be a good idea. Make the most of it and practice speaking English while waiting for the shows!

Our outdoor activities will continue this month. Get some exercise and have fun while socializing with other English students at the soccer, beach volleyball, and cycling activities. Day trips to nearby cities and weekend tour to the famous Rocky Mountains are a must for the travel enthusiast ESL students. And of course, our famous school BBQ is a great way to relax, have fun, make new friends, socialize with the existing friends and English teachers.

Check out our July 2015 Activities Calendar to see more.


inlingua_vancouver_english_students_conversation_classHave you ever wondered how does your brain process your language abilities when you speak in one language and not the other? Did you know that both languages are constantly active (readily available) when a bilingual person reads, hears, or speaks in one language?

Learning a second language reorganizes the entire language system in our brains! It is pretty amazing when you think about it.

It used to be believed that the activity of a person’s native language was present at the early stages of the acquisition of a second language. But now there is evidence that suggests activity of both languages when only one of them is in use, even when the person is very fluent in both languages.

This activity shows that a bilingual person acquires new cognitive skills (that engages also different parts of the brain that are not related to language) to use both languages, in addition to the skills related to the vocabulary, grammar, and the phonology of the new language.

Long term application of this knowledge seems to lead to excellent cognitive conflict resolution skills. Which is why it is not a surprise that the elderly bilinguals who have used both of their languages for many years are significantly more resistant to age related decline of mental skills.

Reference: www.apa.org/science/about/psa/2008/01/kroll.aspx


Our Pathways Coordinator is organizing an education fair at inlingua Gastown campus on July 8th  from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Six of our pathways partners will attend this fair: Royal Roads University, Thompson Rivers University, Capilano University, Vancouver Film School, Art Institute of Vancouver, Douglas College.

Each partner will have a student information booth setup in the pokies lounge where students can come and ask questions.

There will be some giveaways like free trips, inlingua gift items, as well as giveaways from the partners.

For more information about our Pathway Programs visit: inlinguavancouver.com/programs/upp

information booth with partner universities


Are you ready for the exciting June activities?

There are many outdoor activities, sports, festivals this month; in addition to the usual cultural events and sightseeing tours in beautiful destinations near British Colombia.

Check out the Activities Calendar to pick your favorite events to attend with your friends, or to make new friends if you are new to Vancouver!



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Highlights of the month:

  • soccer Tuesdays
    (open to all inlingua students)
  • sightseeing activities
  • Extreme Air Park
    (see video below)

A classroom is a great place to improve all of your language skills. But you have to use English outside the classroom, in our activities if you want to learn to Speak English Now!

Our Activities take place every day after school. Our students play sports, watch movies, visit the beach, watch hockey games, go rollerblading, visit online pokies new zealand a museum, go skiing or snowboarding, go white-water rafting or just relax in a cafe. We also have free movies on large-screen televisions at both campuses.

Our Activities Coordinator and often our teachers take part in our activities. This gives our students the chance to practice their English with native speakers outside the classroom.

Never a dull moment!

english language school activities calendar vancouver canadaesl students playing soccer at language school in vancouver canada


celebrate the earth day 2015 with inlingua vancouver english students and teachers in vancouver canada

April activities calendar is here! This month is full of opportunities to see the beautiful British Colombia.

Don’t miss the free Pilates class with our student Kei at the Gastown campus student lounge on the 17th!

Join us celebrate the Earth Day with a cleaning up activity on April 22nd. Our activities coordinator Serena will pass on the activity details to the teachers at the beginning of that week.
esl activities for english students in vancouver canada april 2015


Iryna - an ESL student at inlingua VancouverAccording to scientific experiments, when healthy adults learn a second language, there are physical and functional changes in the brain. These positive changes increase cognitive abilities. Some of the most significant results of being multilingual are the ability to better adjust to environmental changes, and experience less cognitive decline with aging, while also delaying certain mental problems that the seniors face such as dementia for years.

Our motivation for learning English is often not limited to mental abilities of course.

Speaking a different language brings many professional opportunities. You might want to become more employable, aim for a higher paying job, negotiate a higher salary at your current job, or start a new venture altogether. You might want to relocate or work in a different country, or do business with international firms. If you are owner of a small business, you might want to extend your audience globally and offer products and services to more people.

You don’t have to do business to find a great reason to learn English. You might be looking for a romantic adventure, explore beyond what is familiar, make new life-long friends, get to know the world and the people from many cultures that inhabit it.

There are many obvious reasons, and others that are unique to your goals in life.

Fill out the form below to share your motivation to learn English with us!
(add it in the comments at the bottom of the form if you don’t see it there)


FIFA Women’s World Cup™ will be across Canada this summer from June 6 – July 5, 2015 with nine matches in Vancouver including the Championship Final on July 5, 2015!

The FIFA Women’s World Cup™ is the greatest stage for the world’s best female soccer players: it is a celebration that unites all the nations of the world. All eyes will be on Canada as over 180 territories turn their focus towards television programming of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada 2015™ and our students have the opportunity to experience it in person right here in Vancouver.

inlingua Vancouver has a promotion available, which includes FREE tickets to the Championship Final on July 5, 2015 in Vancouver! This promotion is available only for a limited number of students, who register for a full time English course before the April 30, 2015. Contact your counselor for more details.

For those who are not eligible for this promotion, the tickets are available for sale here:

(Photo credits: Canada Soccer)

FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015fifa-2015-womens-montreal-paradefifa-womens-game-action

FIFA Women’s World Cup™ 2015 Vancouver venue team:




or not… Did you believe it was possible?

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Now go back to your English learning activities. Practice makes perfect, and there is no magic pill to replace that.


Please sign this petition (by Languages Canada) to help us to keep British Colombia a strong, desirable and safe study destination for international students.

The BC government is voting on legislation that will jeopardize the safety of international students. The international education sector has a proud history in BC and is our fourth largest export. It builds lasting and positive relationships with citizens from around the globe and showcases BC as the welcoming and vibrant place it is. Around 30% of the 53,000 international language students that come to BC’s accredited language programs each choose to stay in BC and pursue post-secondary education and are even vital to BC’s labour market once they have completed their studies. We owe them high-quality education and protection from unscrupulous operators.

The proposed legislation allows non-accredited and unregulated language programs to operate freely, and penalizes legitimate and accredited language programs by imposing more red tape and unnecessary costs.

Let Minister Wilkinson know that this situation is unacceptable by signing this petition, and ask him to amend the legislation to recognize language education as a separate sector and extend protection to all international language students..


Please sign the online petition at: www.change.org/…