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You can download the inlingua Vancouver ESL Activities Calendar for September 2012. Every day is an opportunity to speak English!



We are happy to announce that inlingua Vancouver Soccer Team is the champion of the tournament among ESL schools in Vancouver, Canada. The tournament was arranged by Club ESL Tours. The final game was last week. Visit our Facebook Page for more photos and information on this event: www.facebook.com/inlinguavancouver/photos

ESL students - soccer team celebrating championship
esl students - soccer team
ESL students - audience
ESL teachers - cheering


The last BBQ of this summer is today. Put on your sunscreen and come out to play! There will be burgers, pop, chips, games, lots of sunshine and fun as usual.

Don’t forget that there is a $200 fine for smoking on beaches and park grounds in Vancouver. You can either benefit from this and keep your lungs healthy by not smoking, or walk up to the street to do it.

Most of your classmates and English teachers will be at the BBQ today. Practice your English while having fun!

practice speaking English at the ESL school activity
practice speaking English at the ESL school activity
practice speaking English at the ESL school activity


GMR Marketing is recruiting English – French speaking bilingual students for 2 upcoming temporary job opportunities. Make sure that you have necessary permits before applying for these jobs.

GMR Marketing is a global full-service marketing agency that specializes in Sports, Interactive and Mobile Marketing. They hire staff to participate in experiential marketing events and represent the brands of their clients. They are currently hiring for a really exciting program that is coming up this fall, the CFL Grey Cup Tour. CFL Grey Cup Tour is starting on the west coast on September 4th. It will span ten weeks and wind its way across Canada, visiting all CFL cities and local communities, and will close on Grey Cup weekend in Toronto. For this program, they are looking for staff who are bilingual, as they need employees who are able to communicate with the French and English citizens.

Click on the links below to see full details of these two job opportunities:

You can get more information on their website and on Facebook.



You can download the inlingua Vancouver ESL Activities Calendar for August 2012. Every day is an opportunity to speak English!



inlingua Vancouver’s students come from 25 different countries to learn English. There is a rich cultural mix and lots to learn about the international friends that you make while studying English in Vancouver. Join us for the Soccer Wind Up Party to socialize with other students and teachers.

Tickets are on sale from Monday July 23 – July 30 from Reception.

Location: Gastown Student Lounge
Date: August 1, 2012
Time: 3PM – 6PM

Tickets: $2 (includes Beer*&Pizza or a Hot Dog&Pop)
Additional Beer*: $1

Party is for all ages.
*Must be 19+ to drink and must have ID.


soccer wind up party for ESL students


Everything seems more beautiful with a bit of a sunshine on it. inlingua Vancouver students enjoyed the great BBQ, games, chatting with English teachers and classmates at our school activity on July 19th. Go to inlingua Vancouver Facebook photo album to see more photos from this activity.

ESL students and teachers
ESL students and teachersESL students and teachers


I would like to share an English writing exercise that our student Koko wrote last term. Her teacher Troy was very happy with the result of this assignment. Koko is already in 3B now!


ESL student Koko with her ESL teacher ElizabethI think there are advantages and disadvantages learning in the country where it is spoken.
In my case, I’m studying English in Canada, and I’m very satisfied with my decision.
First, I’m going to tell you about advantages. One advantage is that we can be taught grammar and pronunciation by a native speaker. In fact, I was able to catch myself many times. Another advantage is that we can make a lot of friends from other countries. I made many Brazilian friends. I’m so happy to have met them because they persuaded me to go to Brazil. On the other hand, there are also disadvantages. For me, the biggest disadvantage was concerned money. I had to save money for over 1 year to come to Vancouver. Even though there are disadvantages in terms of learning English in an English country, I recommend going to Vancouver, because there is a terrific school called “Inlingua” there!!

Koko (Naoko Hashikawa) – 3A – Upper Intermediate

(see the original below)

English Writing Assignment


We will continue to provide affordable bento boxes to our ESL students for a limited time. It will continue to be available if there is enough interest. You can ask reception to check the availability.

You can buy lunchboxes between 12:00 – 12:20
at Gastown Campus on Tuesdays and Wednesdays;
at Granville Campus on Thursdays.

Price: $5 for box, $3 for Sushi.

lunch boxes are available for ESL students


This is a short composition from one of our Brazilian students.  Andressa has been studying at inlingua vancouver since April. This composition was written for her final exam, June 25th.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning a language in a country where it is spoken:

Studying English in an English country is better than learning English in your country. For example, here in Vancouver I’ve been able to improve my English since my first day when I was asking for help to find my lost cellphone inside the airplane. At inlingua Vancouver we have native speakers teachers and this fact helps us to understand and speak words correctly, like “Canadians”.

One of the negative aspects is that you have to stay away from your family and friends. So if you are not used to living without your parents, probably your first month will be hard.

In my opinion, learning English in Vancouver was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. Because I studied English in Brazil for 4 years and I didn’t know how to speak English. And now, in just 3 months in Canada, I’m able to speak and understand English easily and quickly.”

Andressa Lopes Amaral – Final Exam – Writing Test – Level 3A