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You can download the inlingua Vancouver ESL Activities Calendar for July 2011. Every day is an opportunity to speak English!


Everything seems more beautiful with a bit of a sunshine on it. inlingua Vancouver students enjoyed the great BBQ, games, chatting with English teachers and classmates at our school activity on June 17th. Go to inlingua Vancouver Flickr photostream to see more photos from this activity.
ESL students and teachers


You can download the inlingua Vancouver ESL Activities Calendar for June 2011. Every day is an opportunity to speak English!


student activity
The Pirate Party Boat Cruise tickets are available from Serena. She is in Granville campus at lunch time and in Gastown campus at 2:30pm.

The best pirate outfit will win a free surf trip to Tofino. Get dressed up, or get your cameras ready to shoot the pirates!


We were lucky to have a gorgeous day for our graduation activity on last Friday. It was sunny, food was great, and the games were fun!

My arms were sore from playing volleyball all day. It was worth it though, had a lot of fun with great students and inlingua staff. Some Brazilian students showed us their advanced soccer skills – even when they were playing volleyball!

There were some tree climbers too. Thanks to Ken for rescuing our ball from that huge tree!


Warmer weather, sunshine, spring blossoms, and it’s time to have barbeque at the beach! All inlingua staff, students, teachers are invited to enjoy picnicking.

The tickets are available at the reception or from our activities coordinator, Serena. Please get your tickets before the end of the day on Thursday to avoid food waste.

Speak English with everybody – even with yourself!


We have all this rain in Vancouver for a reason: to have the gorgeous natural beauty! Lynn Valley Park is one of the most accesible places where you can have an easy hike and enjoy the river & the green trees everywhere – not to mention the excitement of the suspension bridge. It’s a great place to socialize and get to know other students from different English levels.


Here are some of our soccer players from inlingua Vancouver. We’ll see if they are as determined soccer players as they are English students!


inlingua needs lots and lots of players for Tuesday Games. Please arrive at Andy Livingstone Park at 4:40 PM to play, or ask Serena for more details.
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Sign up with Serena if you want to join the Ocean Kayaking activity in Deep Cove on Wednesday. Refreshen your mind with the ocean breeze and get ready to learn more!