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Our friendly and professional teachers help students learn English with our inlingua method. Our instructors teach General English (speaking, listening, grammar, vocabulary), IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge FCE or CAE,  Business English, the University Preparation Courses and other lessons in English. Come to a free trial lesson at our language school in Vancouver, Canada and see our instructors in action. Our exclusive method will help you learn English very fast. You will speak English from your first lesson.

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Friendly, Professional and Experienced

Our friendly and professional teachers help students learn English with our inlingua method. Our instructors teach a wide range of English programs at inlingua Vancouver, such as speaking, listening, TOEFL test preparation, Cambridge test preparation, IELTS, grammar, Business English, semi-private lessons and more.

All inlingua instructors are fluent English speakers trained in the inlingua method, helping our students to Speak English Now. They all have a university degree and a minimum of two years of experience teaching English. All inlingua instructors have experience dealing with international students and have a TESOL certificate or equivalent.

inlingua instructors understand the challenges faced by international students learning a second language. They are culturally sensitive to the needs of students with specific language backgrounds. At inlingua Vancouver, we ensure that students have the best opportunity to learn English and achieve their goals in an exceptional learning environment.

Here are some of our fantastic ESL instructors at inlingua Vancouver
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Troy Greenall has been teaching at inlingua Vancouver for over ten years. During this time, he has developed both his own unique teaching technique, and also specialized custom materials that range from advanced, native-speaker-style English pronunciation, to a unique and original system of teaching of the most common and practical grammatical patterns and idioms in real, modern English usage. As such, students can look forward to acquiring the most natural and at the same time advanced English speaking and listening skills with relative ease. Additionally, Troy likes to incorporate unique concepts and communication skills gleaned from his special interests in psychology and philosophy. For example, the ubiquitous nature of metaphor in collocations, grammar, and idioms, and the use of metaphor in developing fluency and analysis.

Troy has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Simon Fraser University, with a minor in Humanities. He also has the internationally-recognized CELTA English teaching certification from Cambridge University. Courses taught by Troy at inlingua Vancouver include all levels of the General English Program, with a recent focus on the upper levels, as well as electives such as Fluency and Accuracy, and Speaking and Listening. He has developed all his own curriculum for his classes, and topics range from Robots and Artificial Intelligence, to Education, Economics, Psychology, and Esoteric Philosophy, among other things. Troy is an avid guitar player, and has studied Chinese Kung fu and Qigong.

Finally, Troy would like to extend his enthusiastic invitation and encouragement to all potential future students. In terms of really changing your English and joining the global English community, he is confident that you will discover something new, exciting, and positive that you've never experienced before. Traditional methods of learning grammar are just the tip of the iceberg, when to comes to your possible future. So come to inlingua Vancouver, and live, think, and expand your mind and abilities in English. At the end of the day, you'll be glad you did.

P.S. Troy's custom materials include:

A. Playing Card Deck System:

  1. Top Grammar Patterns Playing Card Deck, with guidebook and example sentences.

  2. Top Idioms Playing Card Deck

  3. Two-Minute Talking Playing Card Deck-topics and patterns

  4. Positive Pronunciation Playing Card Deck

B. "The Top 300 English Patterns and Idioms" -organized sequentially -a "corpus" of verifiably most common and practical English patterns and idioms -students are taught to utilize "grammar and idiom awareness in real life", which illustrates the frequency and validity of the material, in addition to making students their own teachers, as they progress in the future.

C. Custom Grammar Charts that facilitate the skill of jumping around between grammar patterns

D. Numerous Other Special Materials

Tim Wu grew up in BC. He has a degree in Psychology. He has taught in Canada and Asia, and is a firm believer of a communicative teaching method. He finds ESL teaching to be one of the most rewarding things he has ever done. He enjoys traveling, film studies, and learning about new cultures.
Maryam Alinejad holds a B.A. in English Translation. She began teaching ESL students in 2001 and has extensive teaching experience with both children and adults. She has a strong passion for teaching and enjoys mixing humour and hard work in the classroom. Maryam lived in the USA for seven years and has visited India, UAE, Turkey and Cyprus. She likes watching movies, trying new cuisines, and travelling to far off lands.

“I believe learning another language broadens your perspective towards life.”

Lisa_Zimmermann_inlingua_Vancouver_Canada_ESL_English_instructor_teacher Lisa Zimmermann is from St. John's, Newfoundland, which is on the east coast of Canada. She moved to Vancouver to continue her post secondary studies, where she graduated from Simon Fraser University in Psychology, History and TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language Linguistics Certificate). Prior to SFU, Lisa studied Science and Business for two years at other institutions. Having worked at inlingua since 2005, she has been an eye witness to all walks of life. Teaching has been a great way to meet students from all over the world, where we can learn from each other while still conquering the English language. As a teaching professional, she offers General and Business English. From 1999-2005, she taught in Germany in the area of Business English with learners from banks and automobile corporations. Furthermore, she taught examination courses including CAE, FCE, and BEC. In Canada, she worked in LINC programs, CAE invigilation, and Business and General English, from beginners to advanced. Additionally, she volunteered teaching literacy at New Westminster High School. Finally, she mentored a student teacher from Douglas College in the summer of 2013. Therefore, as you can see, she loves teaching!

“Students who take my classes will see my enthusiasm for English and focus on real learning in and outside of the classroom. So I look forward to seeing you in my classes!”

Laurie Barlow (Director of Studies) has had the great fortune of being in the ESL industry for 17 years and counting after moving to Vancouver in 1996 from southwestern Ontario. Within the journey of her career, she has met, interacted with and taught thousands of international students from all over the world. She has also had the pleasure of working with students as an Internship Coordinator and a Director of Studies. The next part of her journey has led her to inlingua Vancouver as the Director of Studies, where she feels very proud to be part of such a dynamic, dedicated and special team of people.

“When you come to inlingua Vancouver, I can honestly say that the teachers and staff truly care about helping students achieve their goals.”

Katrin_Lohuaru_inlingua_Vancouver_Canada_ESL_English_instructor_teacher Katrin Lohuaru was born and grew up in East Vancouver. She has a degree in Human Geography and Environmental Studies. She’s been to Ireland, France, Poland & Thailand, and visited family in Estonia. She has a passion for singing and photography, and her dream is to become fluent in seven languages. Her dramatic and spontaneous style brings the grammar to life. Mastering a second language isn't easy, however it's one of the most rewarding things you will ever do!.
Justin Majta was born and raised in Vancouver, and he likes trying all the different cuisines, and excellent restaurants the city has to offer. His passion for helping others is what has led him to this fulfilling career at inlingua; he truly enjoys seeing his students improve their English language skills. He has a background in Sociology, as well as Education, from Simon Fraser University, and did his TESL training at New Westminster’s Douglas College.

“I believe that keeping students engaged by teaching language in a relatable context, is the key factor in providing motivation, and the language-culture connection.”

Jacob Pejvack began tutoring international students to help them with academic writing while majoring in Economics and minoring in Sciences at the University of Ottawa. Finding his passion in teaching, Jacob spent four years in Korea and Japan, teaching English. Upon returning to Canada, Jacob taught a special class for selected new immigrants aiming to pursue academic goals at American schools and spent several years teaching SAT preparation classes. Jacob has also completed a degree in philosophy at Simon Fraser and has some legal Education from Vermont Law School, which enables him to lead engaging classes covering topics ranging from Philosophy and anthropology to sciences and economics. He also provides jargon specific language instruction for a variety of professional fields.Jacob felt that he missed the ESL classroom environment, which led him to join inlingua Vancouver in 2007. Jacob specializes in helping advanced students reach proficiency and also provides internet based instructions for students in their home country before they arrive at inlingua Vancouver.He has designed and implemented various Internet-based instruction tools for various local educational institutions after getting his Software Engineering diploma at Langara College in Vancouver. Jacob really enjoys meeting brilliant students from around the world and appreciates the various perspectives they bring to the class. He believes that authentic exchanges are the key to learning a new language.
Graeme Cheadle is from a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. After working for the Olympics in Whistler, he has lived and taught in Vancouver for the past year. He has been to nearly two dozen countries, lived on three continents and taught English to children and adults in Japan. He enjoys reading, sports, camping… and Facebook! He has had fun trying to learn several languages, including French, Spanish, German, Russian and Japanese. He likes to make his classes both useful and entertaining for his students.

“Welcome to everyone who wants to study English in the great city of Vancouver. Let’s learn together!”

Corina Sfat was born in Romania, but Vancouver is her home now. She has a degree in History and English, and she’s currently studying Canadian History and Geography at Douglas College. She also speaks Romanian, French and has a good understanding of Spanish and Italian. She’s an avid reader, a passionate movie-goer and a snowboarder. Her teaching style is fun and dynamic.

“I believe that teaching is an exchange and the focal point of the learning process should be the students.”

Anahita Farzanfar (Ana) has a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and a Bachelor’s degree in English Language studies. She has been teaching ESL, Test Prep courses such as IELTS, TOEFL and a variety of Academic English subjects to adult learners since 2000. She has wide cross-cultural work and study experience, and enjoys learning new languages and cultures. She has conducted several research projects in Second Language Acquisition, presented at three international conferences: MICOLLAC, ASIA TEFEL and MACFIL with proceedings in academic journal publications. Her research findings have been used and referenced by some language training online programs, such as AccenMaster and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL).

“I believe language learning can stretch your limits to have a broader spectrum in personal and professional endeavors.”

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