Ladies and gentlemen, guys, boys and girls! I am going to tell you about my amazing summer at  the school inlingua Vancouver!

First I’m going to tell you about the inlingua's teachers. All teachers are very good! I liked how they teach. All teachers, whose classes I've been to, gave me a lot of new information! I undoubtedly improved my vocabulary, speaking, writing, listening and grammar skills! On every one of my questions, teachers gave me an answer. So, in the morning classes we learnt something new every day and spoke a lot! The afternoon classes were also awesome and exciting! I had two afternoon classes: Idioms & Slang and Semi private lessons. I learnt a lot of new vocabulary from slang and loads of idioms. On the semi private lesson, we listened to music and improved our vocabulary and speaking!!! So my classes at inlingua were more than cool!!!

inlingua school is one of the best places to meet new international friends and learn something interesting from their cultures. I met a lot of new friends from Venezuela, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Japan and Spain!!! That was a very good experience for me!!!

Moreover I'd like to tell you about inlingua's activity program and about Vancouver city! inlingua organized some good activities for students every day. Movies, Stanley Park, trip to Victoria and Whistler and some other awesome activities! Vancouver is a very interesting city. You can see some different cultures: Indian, Chinese, Brazilian, American, European...

To sum it up, I want to say a few words! Improve your English, improve yourself, study at inlingua school and enjoy!

Daniel Moseev, Russia