Hello my name is Sasha. I used to be a student at inlingua Vancouver school for 6 months. It was such a great experience for me. When I arrived there, on the first day, everyone was so friendly, I felt very comfortable, like at home :) After taking an English test, school does "pizza party" for students, which was a very nice surprise. It helps to have casual conversations and get to know the other students. The best part of this school is the amazing teachers. I really enjoyed coming to class every day. Every single class was unique; not only studying books but also having fun activities and discussions, sharing some stories, learning about other countries while learning English. Teachers are also very helpful if you have any other questions about living in Canada. They will always give you advice, and they will be there for you if you need them. I am still communicating with my teachers after my graduation.

Another great thing about inlingua Vancouver is that they organize all kind of trips year round so students can discover for themselves about beautiful British Columbia. I enjoyed my studies at this school and would definitely recommend it to those who are trying to decide which school to go to in Vancouver, Canada.

Sasha - Oleksandra Berezhna, Ukraine