"Why do I have to study English?" This is the beginning of my study abroad experience. At first, I didn't have any strong reason to study English. In my opinion, if you live in your own country and only communicate with people speaking your own language, English is not necessary. But if you want to get a better job or want to travel abroad and enjoy it, English is a very important skill. In fact, the most serious situation was that I couldn't express my opinions and share my ideas with others. I was very frustrated. One month later, I certainly felt that my English skills improved. For example, I can understand what teacher says and communicate with my classmates in English now. These things are the results that I got at inlingua Vancouver. I think I wouldn't have been able to have such an experience if i couldn't have spoken English. If you can speak English, it means you can communicate with friends and colleagues from different counties. More over, anywhere in the world where you work, travel, and have precious days, your appreciation for English will expand more and more. These are the reasons why I study English here, and enjoy the experience is my aim.

Tatsuya Kotani, Japan