My study abroad experience

For a very long time I had the idea in my head about traveling and at the same time practicing my English abroad. I was considering lots of options, comparing living conditions, climate, nature of different countries and prices. I was very careful and picky about ESL school as I had some previous experience of studding English in London which was just useless waste of money. So as a result I chose co-op program at inlingua Vancouver. It’s a one year program, which is six month of studying and six month of working. It’s a great program since you have a chance to cover a cost of studying.

As a majority of ESL schools in Vancouver, inlingua is located in the heart of Downtown and has good equipment. But what attracted me mostly is inlingua’s unique methodology of learning languages, which I found very helpful. I was lucky with my teachers, and I would like to thank: Awesome Petra, Outstanding Jacob, Funniest Tim and Creative Laura. All of them are competent professionals and interesting persons. As for Vancouver, it’s an incredibly beautiful city especially in spring and summer time. I loved it for its amazing combination of skyscrapers, mountains, ocean water and fantastic nature. As it turned out, this city is so congenial to me, I like its moderate rhythm of life, love of sport and active life style. This program is a great experience for the whole life and I would suggest it for those who are not afraid of challenges and changes.

Victoria Moskalenko, Russia