Here is a video interview with Yasin, a student in our Study and Work Program:

I had great time at inlingua Vancouver.
The most important thing which separates inlingua from the other schools is their education system forcing students to ‘speak only English’ everywhere in the school and where the school activities were facilitated.
I improved my English skills remarkably. On the other hand I made a lot of friends from all over the world.
Teachers’ friendliness made my life in Vancouver easier. I’m still in touch with my teachers. While saying something about Inlingua, Vancouver’s beauty shouldn’t be forgotten. It deserves to be seen at least once in one’s life. My program covered 6 months of English courses and 6 months of paid professional internship.
I have studied first. Then I did my internship in a real Canadian company and I am leaving very satisfied.

Yasin Malli
April 6, 2011

[youtube GH8BnIVRwdg nolink]