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english school esl student activities vancouver canada july 2015 calendarGet ready to see awesome firework shows on Canada Day (July 1st) and during Celebration of Light festival (on July 25, 29 and Aug 1). You might want to bring a picnic blanket and some snacks with you, as the shows will be very crowded and going there early to find a good spot might be a good idea. Make the most of it and practice speaking English while waiting for the shows!

Our outdoor activities will continue this month. Get some exercise and have fun while socializing with other English students at the soccer, beach volleyball, and cycling activities. Day trips to nearby cities and weekend tour to the famous Rocky Mountains are a must for the travel enthusiast ESL students. And of course, our famous school BBQ is a great way to relax, have fun, make new friends, socialize with the existing friends and English teachers.

Check out our July 2015 Activities Calendar to see more.


Are you ready for the exciting June activities?

There are many outdoor activities, sports, festivals this month; in addition to the usual cultural events and sightseeing tours in beautiful destinations near British Colombia.

Check out the Activities Calendar to pick your favorite events to attend with your friends, or to make new friends if you are new to Vancouver!



It’s play time!

March is filled with great activities for English students. Social gatherings, sightseeing tours, shows, festivals, and more…

Check out our monthly Student Activity Calendar to plan ahead. Our activities coordinator will send out announcements to classrooms each week with the details about how to sign up, meet, and how to prepare for your choice of ESL activities.

Joining the school activities is a great way to practice speaking English in a comfortable, fun, and safe environment.


inlinguaVanouver May 2014 ESL Activities CalendarThere are lots of fun outdoor activities this month! The first school BBQ is happening today (May 2nd). There are events, sightseeing tours, biking, kayaking, and more… Activities are great opportunities to make new friends, have fun, practice English, and socialize with English students and teachers.

Check out the Activities Calendar and contact the Activities Coordinator for more details.



Group photos from the BBQ on May 2, 2014:


Happy spring! We’re excited about going out to play!

Soccer and beach volleyball are back on the calendar this month. Pick your favorite activities with your friends and classmates from among many options including sightseeing, shopping, museums, and outdoor activities.

There is no activity scheduled for April 10th because you will need extra time to study English for the final exams. The school is closed on April 18th (Good Friday), but there is a trip to the Rocky Mountains that you can join. Contact the Activities Coordinator for more information.

April 2014 ESL Activities - inlingua Vanouver


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A classroom is a great place to improve all of your language skills. But you have to use English outside the classroom in our activities if you want to learn to Speak English Now!

Our Activities take place every day after school. Our students play sports, watch movies, visit the beach, watch hockey games, go rollerblading, visit a museum, go skiing or snowboarding, go white-water rafting or just relax in a cafe. We also have free movies on large-screen television.

Our Activities Coordinator and teachers take part in all of our activities. This gives our students the chance to practice their English with a native speaker outside of the classroom.

Never a dull moment! Check out the activities for this month:


A classroom is a great place to improve all of your language skills. But you have to use English outside the classroom in our activities if you want to learn to Speak English Now!

activities for english students


We are at the end of another year with great memories, new friends, lots of fun, and countless opportunities to Speak English.

The Christmas Day is on December 24th, but we celebrate it during the whole month in Vancouver. You will notice the Xmas decoration, songs, shopping, and all the related events around the city.

The day after Christmas is the Boxing Day, which is a great day to find the best deals of the year if you can survive the crowd.

Of course we have the shopping and sightseeing tours, and other fun get-together activities in December too. Oh, and the first ski/snowboard activity of this season is also this month! Contact our activities coordinator for the details.


Are you ready for another month of fun school activities? Our epic Halloween Party will be on November 1st, but you should get your tickets at the end of this month. Pay attention to the activity announcements in your classroom to stay updated. We will also have a pumpkin carving competition again this year!